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    How to Take Care of a Printer Using Infusion

    How to Take Care of a Printer Using Infusion

    This page will describe a little more about the advantages and disadvantages of printers using an infusion system. But this time I will first add a few points about the advantages and disadvantages of infusion printers, the following reviews:

    Advantages of Infusion Printers:

    • Easy to refill ink, because the ink container is outside of the printer, so there is no need to disassemble or remove the printer cartridge to add ink.
    • Cost-effective ink. Infusion printer ink tubes generally have a capacity of about 100 ml, compare to those using the injection system, the ink content in the cartridge is only about 10 ml. Thus we only need to buy ink in the form of bottles to refill the printer ink that we have.
    • Quick in knowing the condition of the ink that starts a little. This is because the ink cartridge is transparent so that it will be easier for us to monitor how much ink is still there. So there is no need to wait for the ink to dry to fill it.
    • The cartridge will become more durable, because it is rarely removable, so the possibility of damage will be minimal.

    Weakness of Infusion Printer:

    • The infusion tube can experience “colds”, which is a condition where there is an air cavity in the duct from the ink tube to the cartridge.
    • If the infusion printer that we buy is a modification, and is not an original product from the printer manufacturer directly, it can cause a loss of printer warranty. Because the condition of the printer is not original.
    • Using the printer rarely can cause the cartridge or even the print head to be easily damaged. This is caused by ink that has precipitated or may dried on the hose and also the print head.
    • If not treated properly, the printer becomes often problematic.

    Because there are enough weaknesses, we also have to give extra care to avoid problems that can be caused. And also, to minimize damage to devices that can be caused. Well, this time I will share a few tips that I know about how to treat printers with an infusion system. Here are the tips:

    How to Take Care of Infusion Printers

    1. Align the infusion Tubes with the Print Head

    The point is to make it easier for the print head to draw ink from the infusion lines. If the infusion tube is placed too far from the position of the print head, taking ink becomes too difficult. Or vice versa, if the infusion tube is placed too high from the position of the print head will cause ink to flood the cartridge, thereby causing ink overflow in the print head.

    2. Perform Cleaning To Maintain Print Quality

    Before doing the cleaning, first check whether all the ink colors can come out properly by using the nozzle check. If the results obtained are less than optimal, then you can do cleaning or deep cleaning once or twice to overcome them.

    3. Don’t Do Cleaning Too Often

    Cleaning too often can result in full waste ink storage in the printer. If the ink disposal bin is full, the error message will usually appear Absorber Full. The ink absorber on the printer is shaped like a rectangular sponge which is usually connected to a drain hose. If the printer’s absorber is full, you can replace it with a new one, or you can dry the ink by first disassembling the printer.

    4. Pay Attention to Ink Status

    Sometimes there will be a message that the ink is empty, when in fact the ink in the tube is still filled up a lot. Don’t panic if you see something like this, because monitoring ink on the cartridge is not based on the amount of ink available but based on printed counter paper. Ignore it if a message like that appears.  Don’t Wait Out of Ink Refill or add more ink that starts to thin out, for example if the ink condition in the cartridge is only 1/4.

    Use the Printer Routinely,  that are used routinely can maintain the quality of the machine, thus the components inside can be maintained with good performance. Perform the print process at least once every 3 days.

    Key Infusion After Using After finishing using the infusion printer, the infusion hose should be locked so that the ink does not continuously flow to the cartridge and cause the cartridge to flood.