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    Tips what to do if your phone gets wet?

    Not always cellphone damage can only be repaired at a cellphone repair shop (cellphone counter), unless the cellphone damage is severe enough. At this time your cellphone may die due to rain or fall in the bathtub, but take it easy, because there are 6 ways to deal with cellphones exposed to water that is easily done.

    Cases of falling mobile phones into the water often makes you disappointed, because it can cause the cell phone to die completely if handled in the wrong way.

    Water with electronic items such as cell phones can damage the device instantly. Like the same two magnetic poles, they will never match and are always opposite.There is still hope that your smartphone that is exposed to water will survive, if done with proper care.

    Like don’t turn on immediately, don’t move the phone too much, and many others.Unless the cellphone is a sophisticated cellphone with a water-resistant certificate (waterproof), such as Samsung Galaxy S7 and Experia Z series.Even if submerged in water, the cellphone will not turn off and can still be used normally.

    If your smartphone does not have a water-resistant certificate, there will be 3 possibilities if at any time your smartphone is exposed to water.
    1. Totally dead.
    2. Can turn on but in abnormal conditions.
    3. Blank (light but white). Therefore, we will give some tips so that smartphones that are exposed to water can be handled quickly and correctly before experiencing damage above.

    What to do when you Mobile gets wet, here are the tips below:

    1. Make sure the phone is turned off

    After the phone is exposed to water, you might immediately check the condition of the cellphone due to panic. However, it would be nice to turn off your cellphone first.

    2. Remove the battery, SIM card, and memory card

    Remove the battery, SIM card and memory card as soon as possible to minimize damage caused by short or short circuit after the phone is exposed to water. Place the components that have been disassembled on a dry cloth. You need to remember, you might need to research how to do this, otherwise you might add other damages to the cell phone.

    3. Dry the Outside of the Smartphone (LCD)

    After finishing the internal affairs, the thing you have to do next is to dry the outside of the cellphone, especially on the LCD. Usually the LCD is often damaged after being exposed to water because it contains soft filaments that cannot stand the moisture of the water. If left too long, black spots will appear on the LCD.

    You have to do it slowly and don’t move the phone too often.

    The more often the cell phone is moved, it is likely that water will go deeper into the cellphone components. This will certainly add damage to the cellphone.

    4. Don’t Blow on the Smartphone

    It is recommended not to blow the smartphone after being exposed to water, this is because the water will go deeper if you blow it. How to deal with cell phone exposed to water is by using a vacuum cleaner. So you can pull out the water inside the handphone.

    5. Dry the Smartphone

    You should really dry your cell phone before using it again, there are many methods you can use to dry your smartphone. One of them you can use rice.

    Why does it have to be rice? Because rice is considered as an ingredient that can absorb moisture quickly.

    In addition, rice is also easy to obtain, you can look for rice in your home kitchen. Leave your cellphone in the rice for at least 2 to 3 days.

    Or maybe you can use silica gel to dry your cellphone that has been exposed to water.

    6. Final Steps

    Turn on your cellphone, can it still be used or it can’t be turned back on.

    Congratulations if your cell phone can be turned on again and still in a normal state, if your cell phone is already off, relax and immediately find a replacement smartphone.

    Things You Should Not Do When Your Phone Is Exposed To Water

        Do not turn on the smartphone for a moment when exposed to water, because the water is in opposition to electronic goods.

        Do not connect the smartphone to electric power.

        Do not press any button other than the turn off button, if you press another button it is likely that water will get deeper.

        Do not move the phone too often, so that water does not damage other components.

        Do not heat your smartphone using a hair dryer or oven, because the heat will damage your smartphone.

    That’s the way to fix / how to deal with cell phones exposed to water and total death. This step is carried out to avoid the cost of servicing the phone is not a little water.

    But if you feel that you are no longer able to handle it yourself, it is best to take it to your mobile counter. Hope this information is helpful.